What we offer

Whatever your reason for coming to us, at King’s Fertility we offer a variety of diagnostic tests to confirm the parameters of treatment and determine the best course of action.

Private Semen Analysis

A common cause for male infertility is low or abnormal sperm production, so a semen analysis is one of the primary tests we provide. Through a sperm...

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DNA fragmentation test for sperm

Like with most body cells, sperm cells can be damaged by certain lifestyle and external factors. Smoking, scrotal heat exposure, varicocele (enlarged veins...

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Chromosomes contain the genetic information that makes us. Our cells normally contain 23 pairs of chromosomes – 46 in total – which are divided so...

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Male hormone profile test

Men with very low sperm count may have a hormonal problem and we might need to test for a number of hormones on a blood sample such as FSH, LH, Testosterone...

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On some occasions even if the basic karyotype is normal (46 XY for a man, 46 XX for a woman), closer inspection of the Y chromosome (using advanced genetic...

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Virology screening

Before we embark on any fertility treatment, we need to run some basic screening test to check for viral infections, namely for Hepatitis B (core antibody...

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