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If you are a doctor looking to refer a patient for fertility preservation (Long Term Storage) please download and complete the form below.

Patients who are about to undergo chemotherapy, often choose to freeze their eggs or sperm.

For women, the process starts similar to IVF, with a course of injections to stimulate the ovaries so several eggs can be collected, followed by the normal egg collection procedure. Once the eggs are collected, we use the latest cryopreservation techniques known as vitrification to freeze and store your eggs for future use.

If a man is undergoing some medical or surgical treatment that will have potential impact on his ability to produce sperm in the future, we are able to freeze sperm samples and keep them ready for whenever they are needed.

Download referral form (word)

For NHS referrals please send the LTS referral form to: or

For Private referrals please send the LTS referral form to: