Here at King’s Fertility, we don’t just treat infertility, we treat you.

Every decision we make is made with you, and for you, based on your personal physiology, history and wishes. Together, we will find the best way forward using existing protocols – or if required, devising entirely new ones.

The difference between the various forms of IVF that we offer relates to the type and amount of medication used. Some, like natural IVF for example, don’t use any (or minimal) drugs and aim to collect the one egg that grows naturally in every monthly cycle. On the other hand, more conventional approaches aim to produce a greater number of eggs via the administration of stimulation medication. Similarly, mild stimulation IVF starts with low doses of medication to minimise the risk of overstimulation(for women with overactive ovaries) or to optimise egg quality (often used with older women).

While the same basic principles of treatment are shared among various protocols, there is not one single type or form of IVF that works best for everyone, and we firmly believe in offering the right stimulation protocol for the right situation.

Every woman’s fertility journey is unique; and so is our care.