There are a number of reasons why someone may opt for donor egg or sperm treatment – the ovaries (or testes) do not produce enough eggs (or sperm), the eggs (or sperm) are not of high enough quality to have a realistic change of pregnancy, there is a high risk of an inherited disease being passed on, or simply because you are a same-sex couple or a single woman. Whatever the reason for choosing it, there is one thing in common: like most fertility treatment, it is not an easy choice.

There is the sometimes-lengthy process for the right donor, the emotional implications of not having your genetic child, what to tell them once they are born, and the potential of the child wanting to find its donor or half-siblings when they turn 18.

That is why we are here to guide you every step of the way; from choosing the appropriate donor programme, to helping with selecting the appropriate donor eggs or sperm, to getting you started on the right treatment – and to simply being here to listen.