King's Fertility Fertility preservation

Fertility preservation can be undertaken for a number of reasons; some medical, some social. You might have ample time or you might be under tight time constraints. Whatever the reason, we are here to guide and support you through the process. At King’s Fertility we employ the latest cryopreservation techniques to ensure that your eggs or sperm are stored in the best possible way; available for you to use at any time - if and when you wish.




Social egg freezing is where a woman freezes her eggs for use in the future. General egg freezing mainly occurs for medical reasons, where a woman may be undergoing chemotherapy and would like to freeze her eggs prior to treatment.

To maximise the chances of conception following egg freezing, further stimulation cycles may be required.


When a man is undergoing chemotherapy, or another treatment that may impact his ability to produce sperm in the future, he can elect to freeze sperm. Sperm can be stored and then used in fertility treatment with a partner in the future.

During an IVF procedure, a man may not be able to produce sperm (for physical or practical reasons) on the day his partner is due to have their eggs collected. So men can opt to freeze a backup sperm sample should a fresh sample not be possible when required.