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Sperm freezing is an option that some couples or individual men choose to pursue as part of their fertility treatment journey, or to preserve sperm for use in the future.  

For anybody looking to enquire about freezing sperm in the UK, at King’s Fertility our fertility and andrology specialists will be happy to talk you through how sperm freezing is performed, and offer guidance and advice on when the procedure may be suitable.  

There are several reasons why a man will freeze their sperm. You may be undergoing some medical or surgical treatment that will have potential impact on your ability to produce sperm in the future. Freezing your sperm can provide a means of preserving healthy sperm for men who may wish to have children further down the line.

In other cases, for couples pursuing fertility treatment for example, you may be unable to produce fresh sperm on the same day your partner is having their eggs collected for IVF. If suitable, sperm freezing can be arranged as part of your fertility treatment plan. 

Depending on your individual circumstances, prior to the freezing process, sperm will be collected via the most suitable method for you. In some cases, this simply involves providing a sample. For some men, a surgical sperm retrieval procedure may be required in order to collect sperm for freezing. More information can be found on surgical sperm retrieval techniques on our information page.

Whatever your reason for considering sperm freezing services in the UK, we are able to freeze sperm samples and keep them ready for whenever you need them.