Why did we take part?

With 1 in 7 couples facing difficulty in falling pregnant, and many resorting to fertility treatment in their pursuit of creating a family, IVF is now one of the most frequently performed medical procedures in the country. Despite this fact, awareness of fertility and what fertility treatments entail (along with their limitations) is still low.

At King’s Fertility we always look for opportunities to increase awareness of fertility. By showcasing what happens behind the doors of a fertility clinic, we felt that we could help people understand the work and dedication required of both our patients and staff in their effort to create families. Through highlighting the medical and emotional toll of those who try to conceive through fertility treatment, we aim to remove any stigma associated with fertility and to promote continued awareness and education, along with public engagement. Our hope is that this helps to further the debate regarding the need for equitable access to fertility services and general fertility education.

The decision to work with UKTV on this series was not taken lightly. Alex had opened up about her own struggle with fertility back in 2016, so we knew this was a subject close to her heart. From our very first meeting it was clear that Alex would be highly empathetic towards our patients and that the crew would be similarly sensitive during filming. Transparency, honesty and passion are hallmarks of Alex’s character. We knew that we could trust her to shine a light on the field of fertility and to help further the conversation.

Dr Ippokratis Sarris
Director of King’s Fertility

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Kings Fertility is defined by decades of experience, world-renowned research and the most innovative technology – but, more than anything, we are about you. Your care, your journey, your family.

Infertility has many possible causes and we treat each person’s case individually. Our focus is entirely on you, combining attentive, compassionate and evidence-based care with an outstanding, personalised programme of advanced medical treatment.

You can be confident that the personalised treatment we offer will give you the very best chance of success.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this series and would like information for organisations that offer advice, you can visit the UKTV Viewer Support information Click Here


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