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At King's Fertility we partner with you to provide a customised fertility plan, one that meets your objectives and addresses your concerns. There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all in fertility. Following an initial consultation with our experts, together we will identify the safest, shortest route to your success.

We offer a variety of services for male patients.




+ Surgical sperm retrieval

About 1% of men do not have sperm in their ejaculate (called azoospermia). There are numerous causes ranging from genetic to acquired. Some may be caused due to a blockage in the reproductive system whilst others are due to a failure of the testes to produce sperm. For others, this is caused by a previous vasectomy. Some forms are amenable to medical treatment and for others a surgical procedure is required. Under anaesthetic, samples are collected either from the epididymi (the collecting ducts that sit above the testes) by suctioning out fluid from them or from the testes by making a cut directly into the testicular tissue. The fluid or tissue is then analysed under a microscope to look for sperm. If sperm is found this can be stored and then used to inseminate the eggs. The technique required depends on the reason for the inability to produce sperm in the ejaculate.

+ Sperm freezing

When a man may be undergoing chemotherapy, or any other treatment that might have a potential impact on their ability to produce sperm in the future, they can elect to freeze their sperm. This can then be stored and used in fertility treatment with a partner in the future.

Sometimes, there is a reasonable chance that there might not be sperm available on the day that a man’s partner is due to have their eggs collected as part of an IVF process (either because of medical reasons or due to personal reasons, such as travel). In these instances, men can opt to freeze a sperm sample as a back-up to a fresh sample not being available on the day of the egg collection.

+ Sperm washing

King’s Fertility is one of the few IVF units in London that offers sperm washing for HIV positive patients. This can be used during IUI or IVF treatment.