Obstetric services

King's Fertility Obstetric Services

At King’s Fertility we believe in continuity. Our integration with the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF), allows us to develop deep and long-lasting personal relationships with each person who seeks our help.

Following conception, and after the tenth week of pregnancy, patients will be monitored by internationally renowned specialists in the FMF family, in their state-of-the-art facilities in the Fetal Medicine Research Institute.

King's Fertility, alongside the FMF and King's College Hospital, believe in providing you the best throughout your journey, easing the path from conception up to the moment of delivery. We believe in the cyclical nature of fertility, passing research and insight so that parents behind you can benefit from your experience.

For patients who wish to have an integrated care programme from preconception to delivery, we also offer private care pathways incorporating fetal medicine and baby scanning, as well as obstetric care.

Babies conceived through fertility treatment can often benefit from individualised antenatal care. King’s Fertility is committed to preventing any potential hurdles and providing the best care you deserve on the journey to parenthood. Our obstetric consultants are specialised in high-risk pregnancies, equipped with innovative, world-leading research. They are experts in their fields and fully understand the needs of pregnancies conceived by assisted conception.

King’s Fertility care for mothers with a higher risk of medical abnormalities and therefore are best equipped to provide care for these pregnancies. Pre-pregnancy counselling is provided for antenatal car, but also for medical comorbidities. For more information please see the following link: www.privateobstetricskings.com