How much does IVF treatment cost?

Kings Fertility costs

We believe everyone has the right to be a parent and that every person seeking help and guidance deserves to be treated as an individual, with the utmost respect and dignity.

As a result, we do everything we can to ensure the highest standards and the fairest prices possible across our treatments and services, without ever compromising on a personal, human approach.

There are no standard packages, there are no off-the-shelf treatments and there are certainly no shortcuts, because the King’s Fertility team understand how important it is to get things right. We don’t take any risks.

The journey of parenthood is always a collaborative process, so your end goals are always central to recommendations we provide or treatments we help you undertake.

Whenever we are trusted to be part of this process, we begin with a full consultation and patient fertility check-up to identify the treatments that will provide the best chance of conception.

Personalised fertility treatment costs

When you arrive at the King’s Fertility clinic in London, the first step is for one of our industry-leading experts to greet you and discuss your hopes and ambitions for the treatment, along with your ideal outcomes and medical history.

You and/or your partner will be provided with a comprehensive, sensitive fertility testing process, all designed to give us a full understanding of where our treatments will help you to conceive a healthy, happy baby.

This initial consultation process is offered at a rate as low as £200.

We don’t believe in self-diagnosis or second-guessing treatments. Each fertility treatment is an emotional, personal journey for every potential patient who seeks to start or grow a family.

But we also value transparency above all other things. We think fertility clinics should justify their IVF treatment costs, egg donor costs and everything in-between.

We are here to help to answer any questions you may have about our procedures, our pricing or our team: from IVF costs to counselling to donor egg treatments.